Welcome to the Civilization of Love!
You look around you and see smiling faces.
The news is full of joyous occasions being celebrated all over the world.
Peace prevails!
Children are honoured as our future; leaders make decisions based on the effects seen seven generations, or longer, from Now.
There is food and abundance for all!
Creativity is the main focus of human energy.
Diversity is cherished and nurtured!
The Earth is healthy; all species have space and opportunity to thrive.
Love: unconditional, eternal, all-consuming, blissful, surrounds and encompasses all things!

Sounds ideal? Maybe unrealistic to some.

I know it is possible.

Here is a testament to those possibilities. One woman: a mother, a teacher, a student and lover comes with her humble ideas. Possibilities flowing infinitely, seeding visions into our consciousness.

This is a place to come together in Love. This is a place to bring Love into the political spectrum, because we all know it is seriously lacking right now. This is a place to generate seeds of change, stemming from that Love, that are, ultimately, the policies of our future.

Welcome to you! I Encourage all beings to openly offer their ideas, from a place of Love. I encourage all beings to use any ideas proposed here, for furthering the expression of Love in their own lives, and the lives of their political leaders.

Blessings of Love to you!

Thank you for reading!

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An exploration of environmental, social, political and spiritual solutions for the global challenges we face. A holistic approach to political governing, stemming from a place of Love for all beings.


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